'The Riviera': A Closer Look at Normandy Park's Exclusive Community

If you've ever driven through Normandy Park, you might have heard about a little-known corner of the community known as "The Riviera." This section is not just a random assortment of homes. It's a carefully curated section of around 1200 homes that has stood for nearly a century, having been established in 1929. We'll delve into the details of what makes "The Riviera" unique, exploring its origins, purpose, amenities, and the intricacies that set it apart from other neighborhoods in Normandy Park.

Concept and Purpose of "The Riviera"

So, what's the concept and purpose behind "The Riviera"? According to those in the know, it's about maintaining a second level of standard regarding architectural aesthetics and community rules. The Riviera operates under an Architectural Review, ensuring that homes within its confines adhere to specific guidelines. The board of Normandy Park Riviera actively engages in decisions related to property rules, setbacks, and other considerations, all with the goal of preserving the beauty and value of the properties in this historic corner of Normandy Park.

Amenities and Services of “The Riviera”

Now, you might be wondering about the perks that come with living in such an exclusive community. Surprisingly, "The Riviera" doesn't boast any standalone amenities or services. Its distinctiveness lies in its existence and purpose rather than in the provision of communal facilities. There are no grand entrance signs welcoming residents to "The Riviera" park, making its allure all the more intriguing.

Membership and Governance of “The Riviera”

If you're a resident of "The Riviera," you're automatically part of this unique community. There are no separate membership or homeowners association fees. However, there is a governing board in place that oversees the community's well-being. This board plays a crucial role in approving changes to properties, ensuring harmonious relationships between neighbors, and mitigating disputes that may arise.

Rules and Regulations for “The Riviera”

It's crucial for residents to be aware of the rules and regulations governing life in "The Riviera." One notable requirement is the submission of plans and drawings for any changes to your property, emphasizing the commitment to maintaining the community's architectural integrity. The board enforces these rules with legal precedence, citing the original covenants from 1929 as the foundation for their authority. Interestingly, the Riviera covenants can only be changed every ten years. Homeowners, therefore, have a decade-long window to contemplate any necessary changes to the community's rules, making it a topic of discussion in board meetings and potentially shaping the future of "The Riviera."

Becoming a Part of "The Riviera" Community

For those intrigued by the prospect of joining this exclusive community, the pathway is relatively straightforward. Attend the annual meeting, keep an eye out for open board spots, and express your interest when the opportunity arises. While board spots may not always be readily available, staying involved and being present at community events increases your chances of becoming a part of "The Riviera."

“The Riviera” is a Community that Stands the Test of Time

"The Riviera" is more than just a name; it's a legacy that has shaped Normandy Park for almost a century. Its unique blend of history, architectural standards, and community governance sets it apart as a jewel within this picturesque neighborhood. So, next time you find yourself in Normandy Park, take a moment to appreciate the subtle elegance of "The Riviera," a community that continues to stand the test of time. 

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