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Welcome October 

Bring on the autumn leaves and all the pumpkin patches. October is here and we have all of the latest buzz, events, decor tips, and activities for you to immerse yourself into the new season and one of our favorite holidays - Halloween!


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10 Most Popular Home Styles Explained

Whether you're remodeling, adding a second level, or just giving your home some extra curb appeal, knowing the style of your house can help you develop a successful plan. You'll also gain a greater appreciation of the way your house was designed and built.

Good Housekeeping

Word Around the Block 

Do you need a Jack-O-Lantern, something to do on a rainy fall weekend, and a picture of someone wearing galoshes? We have the solution for you, pumpkin patch time! 

Seattle Met

Seattle's Northgate Link Station is Open

Seattle’s Northgate Link Extension has launched opening new Link Light Rail stations in the University District, Roosevelt, and Northgate! This is great for teenagers who need to get around easily. 

Eater Seattle

Winter is coming!

As the days grow darker, we find ourselves craving the sunrise only to wake to darkness. Valerie and Trey deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) every fall and we are finally putting the old Sun Touch away and investing in one of these sunlight alarm clocks. If you feel similar, try one of these lights out and let us know how it works for you. 

Let's rise together!

New York Times

73 Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Halloween 

Add frightful fun to your front porch on All Hallow's Eve with these easy-to-craft outdoor decorating ideas!

And of course, what will we carve on our pumpkins this year and who in the family will eat the most roasted pumpkin seeds?!?


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